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Mary Bax, certified with the Feng Shui Research Center, Master Joseph Yu


Feng Shui consultation
- Recommendations will clear away the confusion in the home and business to inspire you to make the best decisions. Feng Shui can be applied to existing homes and business, new construction, landscape and determine the most auspicious place to sleep and work. Will work with architects, interior designers and landscapers.

Four Pillar Astrology Readings
- Four Pillar Astrology Readings offer insights and guidance on your path in life, your weaknesses and your strengths. The Four Pillars School of Astrology also known as Bazi can make known the opportunities or obstacles that are on the horizon in your life and what steps to take to make the most out of what time brings.

Date Selection
- “Timing is everything”. Choosing an auspicious date for important events in your life such as wedding, ground breaking for construction projects and signing contracts.

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