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"After Mary blessed my home with Feng Shui, the energy in my home became peaceful, calm, and nurturing---and all good things started happening in my life!"

Sue Spitler, author of the 1,001 Cookbook series
Long Beach, IN

“Feng Shui made a believer out of me!  After a feng shui consultation with Ms Mary and implementing the suggestions she recommended, subtle changes started happening at home and in my professional life.  In the year of my feng shui implementation, my family's professional life prospered and peace can be felt at home.  If you are not happy with the status quo in your life, give Feng Shui a chance.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.”

Marlene Wong, Washington D.C.

“Three years ago I was near bankruptcy.  I'd worked very hard for two years to come out of the financial slump my business experienced after 9-11 and the invasion of Iraq.  A friend in my industry knew you and shared her experiences with me.  Since I'm in a design market place, I had heard of Feng Shui, but had not found anyone I felt was well versed in the subject.  That is, until I made your acquaintance.

My business is booming.  I've paid off over 80K in credit card debit, been able to afford a new car and do some much needed renovations. I was able to open a retirement account for myself and my husband in addition to socking away an emergency fund.

At 64, I didn't think I'd ever recover from the financial burden.  Thank you for helping me turn my life around.”

Ginnie Johnson, Commercial Office Interiors
Indian Head Park, IL

After twenty-five years of on and off, less than successful dating, I had started to consider that perhaps my time had passed to finding a meaningful relationship. Shortly after moving into my new home and ending yet another relationship, I consulted with Mary regarding certain aspects of my life and expressed the desire for a serious relationship. Mary used her expertise to analyze my chart and home and suggested that I apply the “Peach Blossom” cure in the appropriate sector of the house. Within several months, I met a wonderful man on a blind date of all things!. Much to my delight, a year later I was consulting with Mary to determine what would be the most auspicious date for our wedding! It’s been two years already and I’m married to the most wonderful, respectful man I’ve ever met. He is the love of my life and I couldn’t have found him without Mary’s expertise and guidance. Her reading of energies is right on. She is generous with her knowledge and a pleasure to work with!

C.Prah New Lenox, IL


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